What We Do

Care | Disciple | Empower

We exist to share the Father’s love across Asia through care and discipleship of some of Asia’s most vulnerable populations. Though the work looks different in various ministry contexts, the mission is the same.

We Exist to:

  1. Care for Abandoned and At-risk Children
  2. Disciple Communities
  3. Empower Local Ministries


Sustainable work is locally‑led. We partner exclusively with local leaders who are caring for children and discipling their communities.


We currently work in 6 countries: China, India, Mongolia, Nepal, Laos, and Myanmar.

We are a charitable, non-profit, non-governmental organization. Our funds are given by people who want to make a real difference by caring for vulnerable children and training leaders in sustainable ways.

Caring for Children

The heart of our work is caring for children who have no other hope.

We focus on caring for abandoned and at risk youth through two ways: Family-based Care and Children’s Clubs.

Our partners provide homes, physical care, education, love, and spiritual nourishment. Our hope is that every child we touch becomes healthy, educated, and a disciple of Christ.

Discipling Communities

We seek to bring holistic, Gospel change to each community where we’re present. That’s why all of our partners are committed to making disciples, planting new churches, or growing young churches. We’re here to support these leaders as they train new leaders to multiply this work.

Our vision is that healthy churches in Asia will rise up to transform their entire communities by caring for children, building strong families, and sharing the Gospel.

Empowering Local Ministries

We want ministries that last. Long-term success is dependent on development local leadership and funding.

Our partners are encouraged to build local funding sources whenever possible. Agape Asia has committed to tithing at least 5% of its budget each year towards training, resources, and microgrants for partners interested in starting businesses. From a buffalo dairy to a hospitality business, our partners are growing small businesses that will help fund these ministries today and into the future.

Get Involved

Whether you decide to give monthly, become a Champion for our work, or commit to praying for us, there are many ways to get involved with our work.

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