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One of the best ways to engage in our mission is by learning.

We want you to understand the great need and the great opportunity that we face in Asia. The following articles, videos, and newsletters are designed to help you understand WHY we do what we do and have a better understanding of WHAT we do to carry out our mission.



  • Agape Journey – invite others to experience the struggles and transformation of an Agape Asia child through this 10 minute, reflective experience
  • Prayer & Action Guide – join our annual calendar of prayer topics and action steps that draw you into our mission
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  • “Something Needs to Change” – read this book by David Platt to get a picture of the huge physical and spiritual needs of people in Asia, as well as wrestle with how we should respond from the other side of the world
  • Partner Overview – a brief overview of the work at each of our ministry locations with our local partners (available upon request, please email)
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Learn more about the situation in Nepal and join us in prayer:


Learn more about the situation in Myanmar and join us in prayer:


Learn more about the situation in Mongolia and join us in prayer:


Learn more about the physical & spiritual needs in India and join us in prayer:


Inspiring story from our care center in Zigong, China:


Learn more about the situation in Laos and join us in prayer:


Learn more about the situation of many of our children in China:


The story of Hope’s life being changed through sponsorship:


The story of Hong Sheng’s life-saving surgery:


An introductory video of Agape’s work & mission:


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