In 2009, a worker found Zhou Kai Zhong in his village.  He was living with his grandparents because his father died when he was only four months old.  His mother got remarried a month later and abandoned him to the care of his grandparents and she never returned.  He came to live with the other children in the John Connor Brown Christian Care Center after Chinese New Year.  His grandparents were elderly and grew rice and corn to provide food for themselves.

During his middle school years, Kai Zhong returned to his grandparents’ home to help them harvest corn or worked a part time job to earn a little income.  Our worker wrote the following about his village home, “His house is poor. We saw lots of books on the small desk in his small and shabby room.  We know he will make something of his life one day. Thank you for loving and supporting him.” He made good grades during middle school, riding his bike back and forth to and from school and the care center.  He got along well with other children there and received awards for his good grades.

As he entered high school, a worker wrote this, He’s always interested in how to do business and financial things. His dream is to create a company one day.  His favorite book is Poor Dad, Rich Dad. His high school was a two-and-a-half-hour drive from the care center, so he was only able to return on longer holidays when he was not visiting family.  He went on a long-distance bike trip one fall (for 9 days) and enjoyed it a lot.  During the trip, he learned more of the Bible and it made him think. Another excerpt from a report during high school, “Kai Zhong is a good boy.  He has a business mind and he is likely to be successful someday creating his own business.”  He continued studying hard during high school so he could pass the college entrance exam.

Before college, Kai Zhong worked for a month during the summer after visiting his grandparents and helping around the village home. He worked in Guangdong, which is one of China’s more developed provinces with more job opportunities. During free time during college, he enjoyed playing basketball.  He returned home (taking time off from school) to care for his sick grandfather during his first year of college.  For his summer breaks, he always helped his family with farm work. He also continued to find odd summer jobs in Guangdong (one year with an air conditioning company), where he worked 10 or more hours each day to earn more money for his college expenses. At his college, he also worked during the school year in the school library.  He worked some weekends as a delivery courier for his cousin’s small express delivery shop.  Such an industrious young man!

During Kai Zhong’s senior year, his college held a job fair.  He put his graduation thesis on hold to obtain a job.  He chose to join a computer technology company as an assistant engineer.  Then he focused on his graduation thesis. This past June, he graduated with a major in opto-electronic information science and engineering.  He received an undergraduate diploma and bachelor’s degree of engineering.  He has become a successful young man with a good job despite his poor background. We are very grateful for sponsors who helped him achieve his goals in life!