This month we’re starting an ongoing series we call “Voices.” The idea is to feature the voice or story of someone connected to Agape Asia who can share a unique perspective on what God is doing.

This month we’re blessed with the story of Yang, an Agape donor who was born in China and recently got connected with our mission. Yang’s story is inspiring for a number of reasons. We first got to know Yang at the end of 2022 when she made a donation through our website. She told us that she’s currently attending college in the US, partly with help from her parents and partly thanks to a high school teacher who has found generous people to help with her tuition. Yang told us,

“I … really appreciate that, so I just wanna try to help someone else out, since I was help by all these kind and Godly people.”

After that first donation, Yang quickly decided to sponsor an Agape child in China. How amazing is it that Yang, a Chinese exchange student who has been blessed by the generosity of others, is now sharing her blessings with Agape children in China?

One of our goals at Agape Asia is to see the children we care for become generous people who go on to serve and give to others. Although Yang is not an Agape student, her story is a perfect example of the kind of generosity we hope all of our children show as well! After her donation, we sent Yang a small thank you box. Inside was a journal, thank you note, a bag of Albanese gummy bears, and a few Chinese candies. Although it was small, the thank you box did a great job of showing our appreciation.

“I just got the package today, thank you so much for sending that to me. I haven’t been home for three years. When I saw the Chinese candies, I feel like back in the days when I was in elementary school. 😆

Since that initial donation, Yang made yet another donation to help an Agape student in China who needs an operation. What’s amazing about Yang’s story isn’t any amount of money or the number of donations, but the willingness to bless as she’s been blessed.

“I am glad that my story can touch or encourage anybody… I am always thinking that I am not good enough and have not done enough so thank you for this positive feedback that makes feel like I can be meaningful and helpful for someone.”

Thank you, Yang!