One of the groups that we seek to serve in Asia are “gap children”. 

This term is used to describe children who live in impoverished conditions with little to no food, education or medical resources, yet have some living family members making them ineligible for welfare funding or government assistance. These children must fend for themselves and are completely dependent on the conditions of their families, who often struggle with unstable employment and little to no income. 

Support from Agape Asia focuses on three primary needs of these underprivileged children: housing, education, and medical. With these foundational elements in place, children have real opportunity to change their stories for the better. 

The fourth element Agape Asia provides, through sponsors, care center staff, and supported foster families is love. The care that these children receive is transformative to their development and faith. We strive to provide every child with the love and support that they deserve. 

We truly believe in the transforming power love can have in any life, and seek to reflect the love of Christ to the children we serve.