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India Mission

India Discipleship Network is now part of Agape Asia. The principal goal has always been to help our partners in India to become self-supporting, self-governing and self-propagating. Ministries such as the TPG Christian School, Bethany Girls Home, Brookshire Memorial Children’s Home and the Water Wells Project continue to prepare children, youth and adults to become productive disciples in God’s Kingdom.

Agape Childrens Home

Twenty orphans (all their parents died in the AIDS epidemic a few years ago) are being cared for by Ramu (a worker at TPG School) and his wife Ganga in a new facility (still incomplete) which includes living quarters, a room for boys and one for girls while also serving as the meeting place for the local church. A church in America provided funds to partially complete the building, another donor built outside showers and toilets, and IDN drilled a well on the property.  The local community helps support the Home with food supplies and other assistance from time to time. The children attend public schools where the late Jacob Chukka, founder of the TPG school, once attended. These children are well cared for and happy to be one big family.

Brookshire Memorial Children’s Home

This home is supported by two churches near Tyler, Texas  in memory of Dean & Maureen Brookshire. It has been serving and saving children since 2005.  David and Jahnsi with three children of their own, began caring for needy children who are temporarily displaced. Due to space and funding limitations, they can only accommodate up to ten children at a time. Their purpose is to provide safety and support for these children until permanent arrangements can be made for their future. A new multipurpose facility is needed to serve as home for David and Jahnsi and the children and to serve as a meeting place for the church in that community. They also regularly provide food and medical care for several widows in the community.

Bethany Girls Home

Many girls are abandoned by their families in India. And it’s culturally accepted due to the liability of raising a girl. Fifty-two of these abandoned girls receive the physical, emotional, educational and spiritual attention they need with the loving care of the Bethany Girls Home. It was founded by an Indian Christian and his wife who, soon after their conversion, sold their home in order to buy land, build a facility and dedicate their lives to caring for these girls. The sad reality is that keeping up with the sheer number of abandoned girls is increasingly difficult.


TPG Christian School

The school was started in 1989 by Jacob Chukka. Upon receiving an inheritance he purchased a defunct private school property in his hometown of Tadepalligudem (TPG). The school started with 30 students and two teachers charging no tuition (even “public” schools in India charge
tuition). Jacob wanted poor children to have the opportunity for a Christian education. The school has since grown to 500 students from kindergarten through the tenth grade with 22 teachers and support staff. The students take the standardized state tests and always perform well above the average. Bible classes are taught daily at all grade levels. The School is accredited by the Andhra Pradesh state Board of Education. In 2009 the facility was totally renovated adding a new two-story primary building. Since then a science lab, library and computer lab have been added.


Water Wells Ministry

Clean and safe drinking water is a great need in India. Many communities (especially rural villages) do not have a source for clean water. They often have no choice but to use river, canal or pond water for all their water needs. Providing clean water from deep borewells gives local Christians an opportunity to share that water with the community while demonstrating the love of God for all people. The wells are drilled on existing church property and maintained by the local church members. FREE water is made available to all families in the community. This often leads to inquiries about “Why are you doing this?” the response is, “This well was provided by the God of creation who loves everyone and asks Christians to share His love and blessings with our neighbors.” Water wells often create a new cooperative spirit between the church and local families, decreasing the normal stress between Christians, Hindus and Muslims.


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