Our Work

Agape Asia partners with many different leaders in Southeast Asia to share the Father’s love. The location and exact methods differ, but all of our work is done in the following ways:



The heart of our work is caring for children who have no other hope. Our goal is to impact children’s lives in a way that changes them for eternity. We care for children’s well-being by providing family, education, daily needs, medical care, and more.


We care for children physically and spiritually by sharing the Father’s love and Good News. Caring for the most vulnerable children inevitably opens doors for our leaders to share Good News with people in communities that have never heard this Message before.


All of our work in Asia is led and carried out by local believers who share our vision. We partner with and equip local leaders to care for children well, build relationships with families & communities, and raise up others who can share Good News.


Our goal is to multiply the good work that local leaders are already doing and equip them to carry out this work together with others in their community. We foster sustainable work through capacity building, microloan programs, small business development, networking with local believers, and more.

We are a charitable, non-profit, non-governmental organization.  Our funds are given by people who want to make a real difference by caring for vulnerable children and training leaders in sustainable ways.

Child Sponsorship

Monthly child sponsorship is the cornerstone of of our mission. We work with local national partners to provide this care and it is different in each country. Our child sponsorship program operates in China, India, Mongolia, Myanmar and Nepal. We provide food, clothing, medical care, and education for each child. Most sponsored children are cared for through family-based children’s homes or foster care with some being cared for at dedicated care centers. Learn more here.


Community Sponsorship

In addition to sponsoring one child at a time, people from around the world can now also join together to pray for, support, and fund several children at once. Community sponsorship may mean supporting a village with several children in family-based care or sponsoring a whole school/care center. We currently operate community sponsorship work in India, Laos, Mongolia, Myanmar, and Nepal. Focusing on entire villages and groups allows our partners to care for more children, share the Gospel more effectively, and make a deeper impact in their communities. Learn more here.



Every child that we care for is provided an education. This is the best way to provide them with hope and break the chain of poverty that plagues their future. Even beyond primary and secondary education, we provide them with the opportunity to attend college or vocational training. We believe every child that leaves our care should have the life skills to provide for themselves and their families.

Medical Care

We provide impoverished children with life-saving open heart or cleft palate/lip surgery, as well burn repairs and rehabilitation. Most of these surgeries are conducted in China, but in an average year we will have one child come to the US. Donor hospitals are typically able to cover the costs of surgery and transportation, but there are expenses for each child such as passport, visa, etc. We ask host families in the US to take these children into their homes and provide transportation to and from their appointments. Your donations help us get these children the life-saving help they need.


Water Wells

We work with leaders in India to drill wells for children and families with no access to clean water. Leaders are trained not only to operate and maintain these wells, but to use them as community meeting places. Around these wells communities are able to bring together people from different backgrounds and belief. People are also introduced to the unconditional love of our Father as they draw water each day.



As we care for vulnerable children in each country, we are also committed to raising up leaders who will share good news through our partnerships. Local leaders themselves are committed to this and as they engage their local communities in our work they are able to train other leaders to engage in our mission. At the same time, we hope and see the children we care for step into this mission as well.


Love Goes The Distance.

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