At Agape Asia, we strive to create meaningful relationships between children and sponsors that last a lifetime. Zeng Li, who once was a child in our care (North Canton Care Center and Mama Jo’s House), now lives in Wuhan and works for a large corporation.

Zeng Li came to our earliest care center, NCCC, in October of 2004. During his time with us, he had two sponsors. Both sponsors poured their heart into encouraging him and helping him achieve his goals, ensuring he was well taken care of. After Zeng Li finished high school, he
ambitiously was accepted into the Hunan Petrochemical Vocational and Technical college. After graduating, with the help of a former Agape Asia care center director, Zeng Li found a great job in Wuhan.

Zeng Li told us recently that he always feels appreciation towards Agape Asia and the sponsors who helped him through the past years. He is on his way to a bright and happy life now. Zeng Li’s story demonstrates how “love goes the distance!”