In April, we started a partnership with SWAN Ministry in India. This women’s empowerment and sustainability program focuses on helping women in deeply impoverished communities with life skills to support themselves and their families.

After the lockdown for COVID-19, SWAN initiated a well timed and urgent program – providing free face masks for protection to the impoverished during the Coronavirus and a salary for women to produce the masks in their homes. Each mask costs 20 Indian rupees to produce – 15 Rupees for cloth, transport, distribution, and 5 rupees goes to income for women for stitching each mask. So for as little as $25, you can provide 75 reusable masks.

This is a project that twice blesses the communities in India – once by gifting a mask to a poor neighbor and once in helping a poor woman earn a salary.

Click on this LINK now to join in on this project and share it with your friends.