The story of Wang Ao Bo is a perfect example of how lives are changed through Agape Asia’s work.

When Wang was two years old, his father was diagnosed with a serious mental illness and his mother abandoned the family. Wang went to live with his grandparents who struggled with poor physical and mental health, but worked hard in the fields trying to make ends meet. With no parents and no money to afford school, there was very little hope for Wang’s future. Sadly, Wang’s situation was typical of millions of children whose futures hang in the balance.


Young Wang when Agape met him


When local directors in China met Wang, they knew they had to help. Wang joined Agape Asia’s sponsorship program and for 5 years he has received an education, medical care, hope, and love. He is now in middle school and his recent letter to his sponsors is wonderful to read:

Agape Asia’s mission is to save abandoned and vulnerable children in Asia just like Wang. This began 20 years ago in China with our child sponsorship program, which is still the primary part of our work. Over the years, more than 3,000 lives have been changed through this program. To learn more about our work in China, click here. Agape Asia partners with individuals, organizations, companies and foundations to save and change lives – click here to donate.


Wang today in middle school