A few years ago, research showed that there were 60 million vulnerable children in south-east Asia. These are children who should have been healthy, surrounded by a loving family, receiving an education, and preparing for a bright future. But instead they have lost one or both parents; they are abandoned or on the verge of being abandoned by their family. As a result, they will likely never receive the blessings they need to grow up the way their Father intended.

The past few years have been difficult for everyone around the world – we’ve faced the Covid pandemic, economic struggles, political turmoil, and more. But as stressful as these years have been for you and me, it is always those on the margins, the vulnerable, who suffer the most. It’s too early to get final numbers yet, but researchers are already saying there are at least 5 million more orphans in the world today than there were just two years ago. And there are at least 10 million more vulnerable children.

There are at least 5 million more orphans in the world today than there were just two years ago.

While most of us have struggled with inconveniences like job changes, more Zoom meetings, and increased grocery bills – children like Esther have been abandoned and lost all hope. Civil war, political upheaval and ensuing economic struggles have rocked Myanmar. What was already a difficult life for Esther’s family totally fell apart and she was abandoned, adding one more to the sixty million. Then Covid hit and life became even more difficult. Without outside help and miraculous intervention from our Father, Esther would have no hope for her future.

But that would not be true for Esther.

But that would not be true for Esther. Our amazing partners in Myanmar found Esther and took her into their home. She entered our sponsorship program and began to receive the regular physical care she needed. While life outside was still chaotic, she was receiving an education, learning to be part of a family, hearing the Good News, and becoming the child that our Father always intended her to be. What may look like an average photo of children cleaning a yard turns out to be a glimpse of a miracle.



Agape Asia exists to share the Father’s love and restore hope to children like Esther. We partner with local believers to give these children what they need today, prepare them for a better future, and provide eternal hope. Our Father loves to repair what is broken, reunite the abandoned, lift up the forgotten, and restore hope to those who have lost it. Today, our Father’s love is transforming some of the most vulnerable people in the world into young adults who are able to go make a positive impact on this world. This is a miraculous process that we can’t control, but we are intentional as we work towards this goal. This begins as our local partners find children like Esther – children who are:



As these children enter and go through our sponsorship program, our goal is to help them grow into “graduates” who are:



Mature disciples
We are committed to sharing eternal hope and Good News with the children in our programs. Our highest goal is for them to experience the Father’s love and respond to it.

Part of a family
We know that most children are going to grow up, get married, and start families of their own. For that to happen in a healthy way, they need to experience healthy family life today. We work to make this possible for all of our children – whether by reuniting children with distant relatives, caring for them in foster homes, or providing high quality & personal care in our centers.

Economically self-sufficient
Our goal is to not just provide temporary relief, but to help these children break the cycles of poverty that they are often stuck in. One measure of success is when these children go find jobs and are able to care for themselves and their families.

Graduates from school
Education is one of the key components to prepare these children for a better future. All children in our programs receive quality education that is preparing them for a future career. Without our help, most of our children would never be able to begin school or they would soon have to drop out because of their family crisis.

Physically healthy
Many of the children we work with have suffered from malnutrition, untreated health issues, or even more severe issues like heart disease. Sponsored children receive regular medical care that they would have no access to otherwise.

Giving back and generous
We hope that these children not only grow up and live a better life, but that they grow into givers. By the grace of our Father we want to see them transform from people who can’t care for themselves into mature disciples who are committed to caring for others. Many of our graduates choose to give back by serving, giving back financially to our programs, and sharing their new hope.