2021 was an amazing year for Agape Asia and it was my first year as Executive Director. As we’ve reflected on all the good that our Father did last year, we’ve been prayerfully looking towards the future. How will we grow our mission of sharing the Father’s love with the abandoned and vulnerable children of Asia? In 2022, we feel led to focus on the six areas below:

1. Care for more children

Last year we blessed more than 5,000 children and had over 600 in our monthly sponsorship program. We’re excited about that number, but there are still 60 million vulnerable children in Asia who need help and hope. This year we want to bless even more children through our existing partnerships, bring more children into our sponsorship program, and prayerfully look for a new partner in SE Asia to work with. Join us in praying about where God may be leading us next!

2. Share more Good News

In 2021 our leaders shared Good News with over 13,000 people and we welcomed over 1,300 new brothers and sisters. As excited as we are by this numerical growth, we want to be sure we’re raising up leaders who will share that faith & reproduce over their lifetimes. We’re convinced that the way to share this Good News with even more people is by raising up faithful leaders who can plant even more seeds. This means casting a clear vision, re-imagining the way we work in some places, and focusing on changing lives for eternity as we continue to impact them today.

3. Fully fund the work

As we continue to find amazing new partners and welcome new children into our programs, we keep looking for financial partners who share our vision. The majority of Agape Asia’s work is completely funded and in 2022 we hope to find generous donors who will bring that funding to 100%. We are blessed with loving, faithful leaders in five countries and we want to give them all the support they need. We’re praying for full funding of our work in Mongolia, a school in India, and our child sponsorship program.

4. Grow our base

You and I know about the great things our Father is doing though Agape Asia. But many people still don’t know our name or, more importantly, the stories of hope and restoration that are coming out every day. We know that if we want to change more lives and bring hope to more children, we will need a larger base of supporters and donors. With Covid restrictions relaxing, we’re hoping to attend some conferences, meet more of you face to face, and get our name out there more!

5. Equip leaders

We have amazing leaders working with us on the front lines in Asia. These leaders are full of faith and a strong desire to minister to children who are often the most neglected. We want to build up our leaders by providing the training they need to become even more effective. Right now we have experts working on childcare and faith training that we hope to share with our leaders later this year. Our commitment is to develop our partners into even better Kingdom leaders.

6. Develop self-support

Agape Asia wants to equip, support, and walk with our local partners towards the vision our Father has put in their hearts. One aspect of this is developing our partners’ ability to support their work through local resources. We believe that the resources are in the harvest – that means that although our brothers and sisters in one region may be struggling with a need today, our Father will provide everything they need to continue His work long-term. In 2022 our local partners are setting goals for local fundraising and developing business projects that will allow these projects to be healthy long-term. As these plans develop, we are praying for generous donors in the US who will invest in these leaders and their long-term vision.

We hope that you’ll join us in praying about these six focus areas in 2022! Please let us know if you have questions, want more details, or would like to get more involved.

– Dale Taylor, Executive Director