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June 30, 2024

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Forms, Reports, and Requirements

1. New Child Requirements – This document explains which new children we will accept into our child sponsorship program. Please read and be sure children meet these requirements before filling out the New Child Intake Form. If you have questions or believe we should accept a special child, please contact us.

2. New Child Intake Form – If you want to add a new child to sponsorship, please download this form, complete the details, and email to us.

3. Quarterly Sponsorship Form – This is a required update for every individual child. If you are in China, use this form. You can download and complete this document if the online forms do not work for you.

4. Quarterly Ministry / Community Sponsorship Report – Please fill out and submit this form updating us on your ministry. We would like to hear a brief overview of how the children are doing, how the spiritual work is going, and get an exact update on how much money you have raised locally during the previous quarter.

5. Annual Child Report – This report allows us to see sponsored children are growing according to our hopes and goals for each child (Agape Graduate graphic). We need this information for every sponsored child. We will send you a file in November that you can complete and return to us.

6. Ministry Outcomes – Please fill out and submit this form telling us the results of your ministry this year. It is OK if you do not have exact numbers for some sections and need to estimate.

Love Goes The Distance.

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