New Work in Myanmar

In 2023 Agape Asia will be able to support a new local leader named Bil Ly. Bil Ly is native to Myanmar who attended the Sunset International Bible Institute in Singapore for two years. Teachers and staff at Sunset commend Bil’s character and faith.

Upon graduation, Bil returned to his home in rural Myanmar where he began leading a local congregation. When government fighting broke out, Bil, his wife and the congregation fled to the jungle where they have been ever since. During the past two years, abandoned children have been slowly finding their way to this group in the jungle.

The local church is doing everything they can to support these children, but they need our help. Funding will greatly help these children (who are close to starvation) and will be a huge relief to the local church as they strive to be merciful and loving under the harshest of conditions.

Your generosity will save and bless the lives of over 20 children who have been forced to hide in the jungle because of political forces beyond their control. A church & its leaders will also be encouraged during extremely difficult times.

THANK YOU for you generosity and partnership with Agape Asia’s mission.

Bil Ly and Children


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Love Goes The Distance.

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