Our medical care provider visited Lin Jingqi as soon as the Spring Festival holidays in China were over. After speaking with her mother, we found out Lin Jingqi would return to school after the Lantern Festival is over.

After hours of driving, our worker arrived at Jingqi’s home. It is beside a country road in a valley at the slope of a mountain. Jingqi’s parents cannot afford to build a new house by themselves. Temporarily they are living with Jingqi’s uncle. Jingqi’s father and her uncle, his brother, get along well and they are happy to be together as a big family. Jingqi’s granddad prefers to live in the old house on the opposite of the river rather than moving into his son’s home.

Lin Jingqi’s father was not at home during our worker’s visit. He was traveling to find work and earn income for the family. Jingqi’s mom is a housewife who stays busy caring for the older folks as well as Jingqi. She also works in the tea fields behind their old house (see field in photo above).

They were happy to see our worker arrive on behalf of Agape Asia Foundation. Jingqi’s mom told us Jingqi has made lots of changes since she received heart surgery. She used to suffer with all sorts of problems day and night. She didn’t have much of an appetite and she was often tired. She was frustrated trying to climb the stairs or a slope, but now she has recovered to become a healthy, lovely girl. She will be able to attend school with no problems.

They learned funds for Jingqi’s heart surgery were provided by kind Americans. They were told by our worker these are people who believe in the Lord who help other people with their love regardless of their nationality or country. Our worker told her family these generous people are always willing and happy to extend their hands to others when people are in need. Jingqi’s family asked us to pass on greetings to these good, unselfish people, telling them thank you and wishing you good luck in the new year.

When you help a child, your love goes the distance.