An integral service that our organization provides is helping impoverished children receive life saving medical treatments and surgeries. Every month, we work with our team in Asia to ensure the children who have received medical care from Agape Asia are recovering and well cared for.
Tang, a three year old little girl from China, was diagnosed with CHD when she was just an infant. Her mother is a farmer and stays home to take care for her family, which has left a large weight of financial pressure on her shoulders to cover Tang’s surgery costs. Feeling hopeless, her mother contacted us, willing to do whatever it took to help her little girl receive the life saving surgery she desperately needed.
Through the help of our medical fund from your donations, we helped cover the costs of little Tang’s surgery! Tang is now recovering well at home and is feeling like her playful self again.
Tangs mother would like to thank you…
“To those who are unknown to us, my daughter has been discharged home and recuperates very well. Our gratitude to you is far beyond words. Thank you Agape, and thank you good people.”
If you would like to help provide medical care to other little children like Tang, please visit our donation page!