Loving greeting to you in the name of Jesus Christ,

I like to start from my introduction. I am Bikash from Kathmandu, Nepal. There was an earthquake in Nepal in 2015. After that a few months later one brother introduced me to brother Jeff Robertson. From November 2015 onwards we started working in Nepal with Agape Asia Foundation. We have helped many children from many different parts of Nepal. Many of them orphans and others are from backwards communities.

We are not only helping to send children to school – we are also teaching and preaching Gospel to his and her parents and relatives. When we start helping children we are able to go to children’s home’s and share Gospel to his and her family. We have baptized many children, their parents, and relatives. I like to thank God and I like to thank all Agape Asia Foundation board members and all brothers and sisters who have helping all children’s and all partners.

May our God bless you all richly.

Thank you so much,

Your brother in Christ