The COVID-19 virus is spreading rapidly across India. Social distancing of 1.3 billion people in an area about one-third the size of the United States is next to impossible. To date, India has reported about 500,000 confirmed
cases with almost 16,000 deaths. But the numbers continue to grow daily. They have not yet reached the peak. The government “lockdown” has been extended thru June and is expected to be extended thru July. During the “lockdown” millions are out of work. If they cannot work, they cannot buy food and other necessities. Death by starvation are expected to exceed the number of COVID-19 deaths. Among these dire circumstances, many have lost hope and committed suicide.

During this crisis Indian Christians have responded with love and support using their own resources and Relief Funds from American as they became available. Through these efforts we have provided food and other supplies to more than 800 families monthly. Our goal is to keep the children and at-risk families alive until the restrictions are lifted enough for them to return to work. That end is not yet in sight.

“BAGS OF HOPE” filled with food, hygiene supplies, masks and medications are provided to destitute families for $25- $40 per family per month depending upon the size of the family and their specific needs. These “Bags of Hope” demonstrate the love of God for all people. Grateful hearts are opened to hearing about such a God. They truly provide HOPE.

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