In a world full of challenges and adversity, it’s stories like Si Guo’s that inspire us, reminding us of the incredible transformation that can occur when compassion and dedication come together. Agape Asia has been instrumental in changing the trajectory of her life, showcasing the remarkable power of support and determination.

In 2004, Agape’s partners in China encountered a young 5th-grade girl, Si Guo, in Guilin. Her life was a testament to resilience, but the hurdles were substantial. Si Guo’s parents faced immense hardship, both being handicapped and paralyzed, rendering them unable to work and provide for their family. Their income was minimal, derived from occasional bamboo sales, insufficient to support the education of their children. Caring relatives tried to fill the gap, ensuring that Si Guo, her younger brother, and her older sister received some care and support.

Agape Asia began to help Si Guo, beginning in 5th grade and continuing through college. Si Guo’s life blossomed with the help of Agape. Our partners’ updates described her as a kind and loving girl, someone who demonstrated a deep sense of care for others. Her determination shone through – she could be both serious and playful, a reflection of the extraordinary potential within her.

On a report from April 2012, it was noted that during the Chinese New Year holidays, Si Guo and her brother stepped up to support their invalid mother who was now living alone after the passing of her husband. They engaged in farm work, helped with cooking, and she even prepared a meal to celebrate the holiday. Her love for cooking was evident, and her spirit was undeniably strong.

Fast forward to the present, Si Guo is approaching her 31st birthday. She recently had the opportunity to speak with Agape’s partner who found her in Guilin all those years ago. Her story is nothing short of incredible:

“I am very happy to have the opportunity to share my experience here today! I am a child of a poor family, and my parents are both disabled. I also have a sister and brother. When I couldn’t afford tuition due to my family’s poverty, the Agape Foundation extended a helping hand to me. I was sponsored from 5th grade all the way through college! I didn’t get into a good university based on my college entrance examination scores, so I chose a clinical medicine major in Guangxi University of Science and Technology. I didn’t indulge myself because of my failure on the college entrance exam.


During the three years of junior college, I still studied hard every day. Finally, I was admitted to Guangxi University of Traditional Chinese Medicine! Then I completed my education as a full-time undergraduate. After graduation, I chose the standardized training as a resident physician in Guilin City People’s Hospital for three years. Now I am an Obstetrician in Hezhou People’s Hospital. I am very grateful to the Agape Foundation and my sponsors. Without their help, I would not be where I am today! I am also glad I did not waver in my determination to study hard during the most difficult years!


Although studying is not the only way out, for children from poor families, this is the best way out! I would like to say to every friend who has received help from the Agape Foundation, don’t give up. Seize the opportunity to study hard and God will not disappoint your efforts!”

Despite early setbacks, Si Guo persevered. With Agape’s support, she completed her education, earning a degree in clinical medicine from Guangxi University of Traditional Chinese Medicine. She’s not just an accomplished graduate; she’s now an Obstetrician at Hezhou People’s Hospital.

Si Guo’s gratitude is profound. She acknowledges that without Agape and its sponsors, she wouldn’t have reached the heights she’s achieved today. Her journey exemplifies the impact of love, determination, and support, a testament to the incredible work done through Agape Asia. It’s a story that reminds us all that even in the face of adversity, transformation is possible, and that with unwavering faith and effort, we can overcome any obstacle life may throw our way.

As we continue our mission, let’s remember Si Guo’s journey and be inspired to reach out and make a difference in the lives of children who need a helping hand to shine their light brightly in this world!