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Love goes the distance.

Helping abandoned and vulnerable children

There are more than 60 million abandoned and vulnerable children across Asia. Governments readily admit many orphans do not receive adequate care and education.  Many cannot go to school because their relatives are too poor to pay for the school tuition.

We currently operate Christian care centers in China, operate a girls rescue home and 2 family based children’s homes in India, and provide care for abandoned children in Nepal, providing family based care in Myanmar, and family based care and a children’s prison program in the Mongolia capital of Ulaanbaatar.

We find abandoned children in the countryside, living on the streets, or with relatives who are too poor or physically unable to care for the child.  Each of these destitute children need hope – as well as food, shelter, clothing, and education – but, they need sponsors like you to cover the expenses to support and care for them.

Join Us

Join us on our mission. With the help of our sponsors, partners and volunteers, we join these children on their journey through life, building community and changing the world each step of the way.

Love Goes The Distance.

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