We share the Father’s love by saving abandoned and vulnerable children in Asia because…


Love goes the distance.




Year-End Donation Opportunity

Your support at the end of this year will allow us to help another child in 2022. Help us reach our goal!




Together From Crisis to Hope

Together From Crisis to Hope

"Together from Crisis to Hope" This was the theme of the 2024 World Without Orphans Global Forum, which I had the privilege to attend alongside childcare practitioners, business leaders, church leaders and people of faith all joined for one cause - caring for orphans...

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Joining the “Missions” Conversation

Joining the “Missions” Conversation

There is a growing conversation within the global Christian community about childcare ministries, global missions, and more. Last month we discussed some important questions around childcare. This month we're joining the conversation around international missions to...

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Good Questions, Ethical Childcare, and Grace

Good Questions, Ethical Childcare, and Grace

In recent years, people have been asking good, deep questions about Christian nonprofits, global missions, and childcare. Maybe you have heard stories of someone's good intentions gone wrong. Or maybe you've wondered how to ethically share the love of God in an...

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We were founded to help abandoned children have a good life here on earth and learn about the love of their heavenly Father.  Our support comes from individuals, organizations, businesses, and churches, all of whom help make a difference in the lives of people they do not personally know — all because of God’s extraordinary love. Caring for these children well requires that we raise up a next generation of leaders who are able to work in sustainable ways.

Love Goes The Distance.

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