The impact of being a sponsor for Agape Asia is not one that I can begin to measure on my life. I can, however, tell you what little bit God has allowed me to see this side of eternity. On June 6, 2004, our newborn son, Gabriel, was born and eighteen minutes later was carried by the angels into the arms of Jesus. Gabe was our fourth child and needless to say, it was a devastating loss for our entire family. We struggled with the grief of missing Gabe, while trying to keep our young family together and find peace and comfort during this season of darkness. In 2005, we were presented with an opportunity to become a sponsor for a child through Agape Asia. My husband, Kevin and I both knew that this would be a chance to pour into the life of a child and help honor the memory of our Gabe. Even though we had experienced loss, we wanted God to take what was meant for evil and turn it into good. We wanted to celebrate life and help a child in need. We committed to becoming sponsors and shortly after that started receiving monthly reports on the beautiful child with whom we were paired. Her name was Li Chen Yang and she was a gorgeous little girl. We instantly fell in love with her.

Every month we looked forward to our reports that would show pictures of Li Chen Yang, her grandparents, and her sister. The report would contain a description of how she was doing, how she was progressing in school, and what supplies our sponsorship helped purchase. I would print off those reports and post them on our kitchen cabinet as a reminder to pray for our sweet child in China. There were many evenings that we sat at our dinner table and prayed over Li Chen Yang. She was the topic of conversation and many, many prayers throughout the years. As she grew and her English became better, we exchanged pictures and letters. A few years later, Li Chen Yang (now known as Hope) was able to study in the US and we were able to meet her, have her stay in our home, and even help move her into her dorm room at Harding University! We have a friendship with her that I know will continue for a lifetime. We consider her our daughter and are so grateful God allowed us to know each other. God has brought much healing and joy to our lives by becoming sponsors. He has turned our sorrow into dancing and taken what was meant for evil into good. I think if you were to ask Hope, she would testify to the same thing. God is so good and faithful and has taken sorrow and turned it around for His good. Today we sponsor multiple children, as well as our Hope, and look forward to every report, pray for every child, and ask God to provide each one of them as only He can. It is truly a joy to be a small part of Agape Asia and this beautiful Kingdom work.

The half brother of our Lord, James, reminds us that “pure and undefiled religion” is to remember orphans. Being a partner with Agape Asia is a wonderful way to visit abandoned and vulnerable children and let them know that they have a Good Father in heaven that loves them and cares for their every need. Please consider sponsoring a child today! If you have any questions or thoughts about Agape Asia or becoming a sponsor, I would love to connect with you. You can contact me at