Now that it’s the holiday season, it’s important that we reflect on how truly blessed we are for the warmth, love and family that we have been given to share it with. There is nothing like the joy and cheer that comes with spending time with those you love. But for some children in Asia, this kind of warmth, family and love is a feeling they have never known before. This year, while you gather around a meal with your family, will you make room for one more seat at the table for an abandoned child? This year, give the gift of sponsorship to a child who needs to know they are truly loved. 

Sponsoring a child is a means of providing long-term support until they complete school and can care for themselves.  By sponsoring, you agree to send in regular monthly donations for the care of a child.  If possible, we ask that you commit to at least one full year of support.  Every sponsorship helps us get a child into a home.  This rich and rewarding experience literally saves a life … and costs you less than a daily cup of gourmet coffee.

Your donation will purchase everything the child needs: food, shoes, boots, an umbrella, clothing, bedding, school bags, school supplies, daily necessities (toothpaste, shampoo, etc.), and medical care. Our staff at the Care Centers pay the school directly for the tuition and living expenses for the older children.  Our foster care providers visit each child and pay the schools for their tuition and provide food, clothes, and hygiene items for the children.

Will you give the gift of sponsorship to a child this year? 

Contact Leigh Ann Dotson by email and she will set you up as a sponsor.  Your donations can be made monthly, quarterly, or yearly, however you prefer.  You can set up an online monthly donation here.