Over the last 25 years, our supporters have helped changed thousands of lives in Asia through individual child sponsorship. Thanks to the generous donations of sponsors, we have been able to provide family, shelter, education, and spiritual guidance to children who have been orphaned or abandoned. We have seen firsthand how this care has transformed the lives of these children, giving them hope for a better future and a deeper understanding of God’s love. Now we are thrilled to introduce a new way to change lives in Asia – Community Sponsorship.

Now we are thrilled to introduce a new way to change lives in Asia – Community Sponsorship.

Before going into details about Community Sponsorship, let us tell you about Kiva.

Kiva is a small village in the Telangana province of India. It is a dusty, remote community that bears almost no resemblance to the cities and development you can find in other parts of India. Adults here work as day laborers and children, often unable to attend school, join them in difficult work such as brick making. With such low living standards, it is common for children in Kiva to have basic health problems and poor hygiene. Kiva is also a spiritually dark place. People there adhere to a mix of Hinduism and witchcraft, with no knowledge of the true Father who deeply loves them and seeks to bless them.

Agape Asia’s partners in India are eager to go to Kiva, change children’s lives, and see the entire community transformed by the Gospel. But work in this community will need to look a bit different than the way Agape has worked in the past. We cannot build a care center building in the community and there are no Christian families to help us provide good family-based care.

As a solution, our partners are launching a Children’s Club. While meeting once a week, the children will be able to have fun, have physical needs met, begin an education and hear the gospel. The plan is to serve 40-50 children this way. Through these Children’s Clubs, our partners will be able to build relationships, serve, and find opportunities to share the Bible with the community. Their vision is to improve lives and plant a church in the coming years.

Their vision is to change dozens of children’s lives and plant a new church over the next few years.

This is what Community Sponsorship is all about – the opportunity to continue Agape’s mission, but in new and greater ways. Our partners have already identified 17 villages in India where we can carry out this work. That’s almost a thousand children we can serve and even more people who have never heard the Gospel!

Community Sponsorship allows our partners in Asia to care for many children in the same community, invest more deeply in that community’s growth, spend their time more efficiently, and leverage all of this to share the Gospel. There are already multiple Community Sponsorship Opportunities available on our website and each is unique. In Kiva, we will serve dozens of impoverished children in a Children’s Clubs. In Nepal, we hope to work in several mountain villages, supporting ten children in each village and planting churches. In each community, we will deeply impact children’s lives while either growing small churches or planting new ones. We are so excited to care for hundreds of new children while spreading the message of hope and salvation to those who have never heard it before!

We invite you to join us in this new initiative to sponsor entire communities. Your ongoing donations, combined with the donations of others, will transform the physical and spiritual reality of these communities. And every three months you will receive updates about community childcare, spiritual growth, prayer requests, and photos.

Community Sponsorship will not only impact the immediate lives of the children we serve, but it will also have a ripple effect that will impact generations to come. As Agape’s partners minister in these communities, they will be raising up a new generation whose future is brighter than they ever thought possible.

Donors who wish to continue sponsoring individual children will, of course, still have that opportunity. You can find answers to several questions on our FAQ page and find all current Community Sponsorship opportunities here.