We just received an email from one of our partner ministries in India – the situation in India and Nepal are crying out for our help:

… Hospitals and healthcare providers are running out of resources in the fight against COVID-19 and the situation on the ground is dire.

… Oxygen is critically required to treat patients affected with COVID, many of whom require hospitalization due to fluctuating oxygen levels. However, there is a severe shortage of oxygen availability across hospitals. Oxygen concentrators are alternate devices to oxygen cylinders – while cylinders contain a finite amount of oxygen supply, a concentrator recycles oxygen from the air and delivers it to the patient. They can be used to manage patient requirements without looking for external sources of oxygen.

… Really, feeling helpless. We need your help immediately, before, during and after vaccines and oxygenation are available – to continue our life-saving work.

… Please pray for our urgent need for Recovery together from deaths to life from COVID.

We are already responding – over the past few weeks we have provided approximately $20,000 to purchase oxygen concentrators, medical supplies, and food – to both India and Nepal.

But, we need your help so we can continue our life-saving work.

Click on the link here and donate now.