Love Goes the Distance.

Caring for vulnerable children in Asia through sponsorship.

320 Million

According to the World Bank,

320 million people in Asia live

in extreme poverty. As a result,

many basic needs are unmet.


We help children in our programs become…

part of a loving home

economically self-sufficient

graduates from school

physically healthy

generous givers

generous givers

4,971 children served

582 children sponsored

58 received degrees

15 lives saved through
our medical program

The Impact

“As you did it for one of the least of these, you did it for me.”

Matthew 25:35


Learn more about the work we do in…


We care for more than 300 children in China – supporting four care centers and four regional foster care programs.


We care for more than 100 children in Mongolia – supporting family based foster care in three districts around Ulaanbaatar, mentoring youth in the children’s prison, and providing a women’s training empowerment program.


We care for more than 50 children through family-based foster care in Myanmar – supporting several families who have taken children into their homes. Most of these children are from the border regions of the country which are suffering from civil war and ethnic conflict.


We care for more than 50 children who are in need as a result of recent earthquakes or other natural disasters that have displaced their families or killed their parents.


We care for hundreds of children in a center for vulnerable children as well as through a school for those with no access to education.

Change a life. Become a sponsor.

For $50 a month, you can completely change a child’s life.

Love Goes The Distance.

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