Community Sponsorship FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I still sponsor my current, individual child?

Yes! If you are already sponsoring a child with Agape Asia we hope that you continue to support that child. Your child will continue to receive the same care and you will keep receiving quarterly updates about your child.


2. What updates will I receive?

When you join Community Sponsorship you will receive quarterly updates about the community you support. The update will include information about the children in the community, the spiritual work being done, and an individual story about one child.


3. Why is Agape Asia changing? Is community sponsorship better?

Decades of ministry experience have shown us that the most effective way to change a child’s life is by transforming their family and community. Our goal is still to change individual children’s lives and we believe that focusing on several children in one community will be an even better way to do that. Centering our work around specific communities also allows our Asian partners to use their time more effectively, build more relationships, and share their faith.


4. Why is the funding amount different for different communities?

We want to keep costs down and ensure that our donors’ funds are making the greatest impact possible. That means we only raise as much money as we need for each community. Costs vary depending on local cost of living, school costs, and the type of childcare being supported.


5. I would rather sponsor a new, individual child than join community sponsorship. Can I still do that with Agape Asia?

Yes, if you still prefer to sponsor an individual child you can go to our Child Sponsorship page to find a child to sponsor.

6. How are community sponsorship funds used?

The vast majority of community sponsorship funds go to directly support the children in the community. This includes daily necessities, educational needs, and medical help. A portion also goes to support local leaders and management.


7. Can I make a one-time donation or do I have to make recurring donations?

We only allow recurring donations to community sponsorship. Long-term stability and support are important, both for the individual children and the overall ministry in the community. You are always welcome to make one-time donations to Agape Asia and our work, but we request monthly, quarterly, or annual commitments for Community Sponsorship.


8. How long does my sponsorship last?

We ask that you commit to at least three years of sponsorship, but you are free to end your sponsorship at anytime.


9. Can I send gifts to the community?

The logistics of getting physical gifts to local villages make this difficult or impossible in most places. If you would like to provide extra for a holiday or other occasion, you can make an extra donation and leave a comment such as “Kuchor village gift fund” on our donation form.


10. Can I send letters or videos?

Yes, we encourage you to send digital letters or videos right from our website. You can encourage either our local partners who are leading the work in their community or to the children being cared for there.


11. Does community sponsorship mean an individual cannot help? Can only communities help?

Individual donors are the bedrock of our work, so stay involved! Community sponsorship simply means that people like you come together to support a single community of children in Asia. A single community in Asia may be sponsored by one generous donor, a church, a business, or a collection of several different people who don’t even know each other but share a desire to see that community transformed. Rather than sponsoring one single child, we are making it easy to sponsor a community of 10, 20, or even more children at once.

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