Yang Li came into our care in Yongshan, China over 10 years ago.  She was living with her aging grandpa when our team visited her, but she was still a very optimistic little girl.  She cooked for herself and her grandpa after school and walked thirty minutes from home to her school.  When she was younger, she also helped raise a pig, a horse, and a chicken.  Her older brother and sister told her to study hard and they would also help support her by working jobs.  She realized the importance of a good education and was a good student through the years.

In high school, Yang Li was grateful for the support from her sponsors and wrote the following:

Thanks a lot for caring me for all these years.  I am grateful for your great kindness and want to say thanks to you from my heart!  Your support has encouraged me a lot and helped me move forward a great deal.  It has enabled me to see my future clearly.  It’s you who gave me the opportunity to continue my education and my life is easier because of you!  I realize I am not alone and I know I have a dream to make come true.  I feel gratitude to you and want to wish you good health and happiness in your life! Thank you.

During Yang Li’s first year of college, she mentioned enduring the cold and windy weather that she was not used to having in her hometown.  She also said she had not adapted to the food in college because her favorite food was usually much spicier.

Now Yang Li has completed her three-year college education in Accounting with the support from sponsors through the years.  She planned to look for a job in Zhejiang, the province next to Jiangsu where she studied, because she has some relatives there. She was temporarily living with her relatives and looking for a good job since this is a more developing province in eastern China.  First, she found a position in the purchasing department of a household electric appliance firm, but only worked there temporarily.  She has now changed jobs after a few months but is grateful for the support of sponsors through the years so she could reach her long-term goals!