Kiva* is a remote and unreached village in the Telangana state of India.

Because it is so remote, children and adults in Kiva struggle every day and have little hope of improving their lives. Adults work as day laborers while children are unable to go to school. Many people suffer from basic health problems because of poor hygiene and difficult living conditions.

The combination of low living standards, few opportunities, and spiritual darkness make Kiva a place of urgent need. Agape’s hope is to dramatically improve the children’s lives and begin to transform Kiva with the Good News.

Work in this village requires $6,000 per year or $500 per month.

Child Impact

When ongoing funding for this project is 100% committed, Agape’s local leaders will launch a Children’s Club in Kiva. Each week the Club will meet to provide basic needs for 40 children, teach hygiene, encourage education, bring joy, and start introducing the Good News.

Community Impact

Village leaders have welcomed our local partners to come help their children. As our partners care for these children and build relationships in the village, they will share their faith and begin studying with families. Their hope is that some in the village will come to faith and they will be able to plant a new church within three years.

* village name changed for security purposes

* please notice that all Community Sponsorship donations are recurring gifts that can be cancelled at any time

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