Amazing work is going on in Myanmar – thanks to God and our amazing partners. Although the capital, Yangon, was recently named the most dangerous cities in the world to live in, leaders there faithfully and boldly carry out their mission.

We first met our partners in Myanmar through Mission Resource Network. MRN told us about some wonderful house church leaders in Myanmar who found themselves taking care of more and more abandoned children. Some children would walk out of the jungle alone and others were abandoned in the city by their parents. When these leaders saw the urgent need of their vulnerable neighbors, they immediately remembered these words from Matthew 25:

“Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.”

Leaders welcomed these orphans into their own homes where they were surrounded by loving families, immersed in Christian community, and taken care of in every way alongside the leaders’ own children. Today, Agape partners with four leaders who care for 59 children in their homes.

Here is an example of one child’s story:

Our partners first met Jacob several years ago when they visited a rural, jungle village where the residents all followed animistic religions. Jacob was malnourished, unable to walk, and had never gone to school. Jacob was quickly admitted into a local hospital to recover and then welcomed into a leader’s own home. With his new family, Jacob grew physically strong, started going to school, and started regular Bible study. As a young man, Jacob now helps oversee the care of other children and assists in the ministry of the local church.

As our partners care for these children, they continue the daily work of leading their churches and sharing the Good News in their communities. This work was already difficult, but it has become much more challenging in the past two years. Like everywhere else in the world, Myanmar has struggled with the effects of Covid. Schools closed for two years, incomes dropped, unemployment skyrocketed, and the number of abandoned children greatly increased. Adding to these difficulties is the military takeover of the country. Intense fighting and turmoil have given way to a bit more stability, but with uncertainty throughout the whole country and fighting continuing in the northern parts of the country. Despite this, the work of the church continues.


One of Agape’s partners, Titus, often visits rural areas where most people are Buddhists. He proclaims the Gospel with words by teaching about Jesus and showing Jesus as the only true way. He also proclaims the Gospel through his actions as he blesses local families, cares for children in the community, and offers prayers.

Titus says:

“I was sharing the good news of Jesus and how powerful He is compared with the leaders of other religions. Especially, I teach them the great salvation of God to all nations in the world. Then, the power of God’s word changed them to trust in Jesus Christ.”

It’s a blessing to see boldness in the face of these struggles. Please keep our partners and these children in your prayers.