Child Sponsorship Overview

Love goes the distance.

What is Child Sponsorship?

Sponsoring a child is a means of providing long-term support until they complete school and can care for themselves.  By sponsoring, you agree to send in regular monthly donations for the care of a child.  If possible, we ask that you commit to at least one full year of support.  Every sponsorship helps us get a child into a home.  This rich and rewarding experience literally saves a life … and costs you less than a daily cup of gourmet coffee.

Your donation will purchase everything the child needs: food, shoes, boots, an umbrella, clothing, bedding, school bags, school supplies, daily necessities (toothpaste, shampoo, etc.), and medical care. Our staff at the Care Centers pay the school directly for the tuition and living expenses for the older children.  Our foster care providers visit each child and pay the schools for their tuition and provide food, clothes, and hygiene items for the children.

What is the Cost of Sponsorship?

You can sponsor a child for $50 per month. Imagine you and some friends each donating as little as a dollar a day, and being able to share in the experience of giving someone the life they deserve.  If your organization or church is looking for an effective way to provide financial support and outreach, we provide an efficient and effective use of your money that educates, clothes, and feeds abandoned and vulnerable children.  Working with us gives your organization a way to make a difference that you can actually see in a child’s life.

What Happens When You Sponsor a Child?

When you sponsor a child, you will receive a photo and information sheet on the child.  It will give you details about the child you are supporting.

Every three months you will receive an update to let you know how the child is doing and how they are progressing at school.  You can receive your reports by e-mail or regular mail.  Email is our preferred means of keeping you informed.  It will save the cost of printing and mailing your report.  We also send our monthly newsletters by e-mail.

Some sponsors make additional donations for the child’s birthday.  Our care centers have a party at the end of each month to celebrate all the birthdays that month.  Cakes are bought and a party is shared with all of the children.  Our foster care workers also provide birthday gifts for their children.

A “Gift Fund” has also been established for the children so we can give each a gift at the end of the year (Year-End Party/Chinese Lunar New Year).  If you wish to contribute to this fund anytime during the year, you can earmark extra funds for this purpose by noting “Gift Fund.”  We are unable to ship individual gifts to the children.

We encourage sponsors to establish a relationship with their child by writing letters and sending photographs.  You will email your letter to our staff and we, in turn, will email them to our workers.  Our care providers will translate your letter if required and give both copies to the child.  Children are encouraged to write back to their sponsors.  Our team will translate their letter into English and send it to us by e-mail.  The care providers will forward the child’s letter as it is written if he/she has learned enough English.

How to Sponsor a Child

Go see the children currently needing sponsors and sign up on our Child Sponsorship page.  Your donations can be made monthly, quarterly, or yearly, however you prefer.  If you prefer checks or money orders, they should be made payable to Agape Asia, marked as “Child Sponsorship” and mailed to:

Agape Asia
c/o Leigh Ann Dotson
2941 Lichen Lane, Unit #D
Clearwater, FL  33760



We are a U.S. registered 501(c)3 organization, so your donations are all tax deductible.



Love Goes The Distance.

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