The Coronavirus has changed life in nearly every country around the world. In Mongolia, the lives of nomadic families have been significantly impacted and so has our child sponsorship program there.

Families living in most of Mongolia, outside the capital of Ulaanbaatar, live a nomadic and agrarian/shepherding lifestyle. They move their “gers” (yurts or tents) every few months to new grazing fields and new opportunities to sustain their families. They don’t notify the post office when they move – in fact, they don’t have the same type of postal system we have in the US.

So, keeping track of these families and children is a near impossibility for our team and the government social workers that we depend on for identifying and supporting these children in need. The coronavirus pandemic has impacted these families and our ability to travel to visit the children.

In fact, we are not able to confirm the current welfare or location of most of the children in the Bulgan Province that we have been sponsoring for the past year. The social workers continue to try to find these children, but we cannot continue to provide for them until we can confirm their location and condition and make regular visits.

So, if you are currently sponsoring children in the Bulgan we will be asking you to sponsor a different child in Mongolia or one of the other countries where we have children in need of sponsors.

The areas of greatest need for sponsors today is China (35 children) and Nepal (15 children).

If you are not currently a sponsor, consider changing a child’s life by becoming a sponsor today. Contact Leigh Ann Dotson by Email ( or phone (770)309-5485.