Agape Asia’s work is centered around the care and keeping of the whole person. Whereas other charities might focus specifically on one aspect of child care, such as feeding the hungry, education, sustainable employment, or taking care of physical needs, Agape Asia operates under a holistic approach to child care. We want to help vulnerable children succeed and grow in all aspects of their lives from birth to adulthood. The story of Battula in India is a great example of how Agape Asia ministers to the whole person as we help children grow into the full image of God.

Battula belonged to a Hindu family as a child but was later abandoned by her parents. On the streets she was destined for poverty, had no hope for the future, and was at risk of being trafficked. But then a community member brought her to the Bethany Girls Home. She joined the Home as a ten year old and suddenly found herself surrounded by a loving, safe family and with the opportunity to receive an education. Over the years she improved her reading and math skills. Most importantly, she came to know God and developed a relationship with Him – an opportunity she most likely would not have had otherwise. Battula came to know Jesus during her stay at Bethany and because of her love for God, was baptized in her local Indian church. She was not only surrounded by loving childcare workers and teachers, but had additional support from her sponsors, who continually wrote to her, showing her the love of God and compassion via letters.

She later married a local Christian man and together they began leading a nearby church in her village. Battula now has three children, including a new baby boy. Her sponsors even had the privilege to visit her in India and to see her newborn son, as well. Because Battula was given so much care and love, she is able to give back to her community along with her husband.

Thanks to dedicated workers at Bethany and generous sponsors, Battula grew to be the full person God wants her to become, one who is physically healthy, educated, and above all, a disciple of Christ ministering to others. We highlight stories of these children to give glory to God and to show our thanks that He chooses to use all of us in this process – bringing holistic healing to children around the world.


How do we do this?


We help these children transform into “graduates” of our program who are: