Back to School Campaign

Share the Father’s love more than ever before.

During this season of vacations, family time, and school prep we’re asking you to share the Father’s love with vulnerable children on the other side of the world because…

Love Goes the Distance.


What’s the Goal?

Our goal is to add 50 monthly sponsors AND to raise $20,000 by the end of the summer.

These sponsors and funds will allow us to care bring more children into our sponsorship programs to receive the blessings of an education, family, medical care, and more. Meeting these goals will provide both the capacity and ongoing support needed to care for these children as they grow up.

$10,243 of $20,000 raised

How Can I Help?

1. Make a donation towards our goal right from this page.

2. Go to our child sponsorship page, learn how sponsorship works, look through the children needing sponsors, and get started. Sponsor a child today and we’ll send you this leather, embossed journal as our way of saying “Thanks.”

Agape Asia Journal

3. Encourage a friend or family member to go through our Agape Journey and learn how lives are changed through Agape Asia and the Father’s love.

Love Goes The Distance.

Contact Us

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P.O. Box 4211
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