This month we’re blessed to hear from one of our long-time partners in China!

“As the pandemic fades away nationwide in China and the new year begins, the country is waking up. All the kids we sponsored are in need of help, just like millions of lives in the universe need the air and food provision. We’re also asked to extend our hands to some patients with heart defects (CHD) in the wards of some local hospitals as well. The mission of Agape continues to be caring for many students and CHD patients from poor families who are cared by you kindhearted donors.

It’s you who stand out to receive the love-relay baton on the track and field. We can hardly do anything without your contribution on time which means a great deal to us. You offer us timely and helpful assistance behind the scenes. The beneficiaries might not recognize or know you, let alone see you face to face, but since you are in the big FAMILY, what we can do is tell those lucky recipients who we work with, ‘Please thank the Lord and thank those who work behind the scenes – who give what they could quietly without being known. Our team can’t walk forward even a tiny step without their encouragement and our work is fragile without their love in HIM.’

Being one of the partners in this organization, to keep our work on track is our daily routine. Handling the reports is one of the affairs. We always try to visit the sponsored kids at their homes, and would take hold of the limited time to share His Word with them. Of course we are warned and under surveillance often by some local officials. On the other hand, helping those CHD patients from the poor families is also a scrutinized work, heeding His words ‘It always protects, always trusts, always hope…’ we decide to help those poor families based on the facts they provided to us, and our task is to let them know the donations are from those goodhearted individuals in HIM.

Moreover, we’re sometimes sneered at for being so simple and common. ‘Why don’t you take the advantage to benefit from the work?’ they ask. Nevertheless, we don’t expect to be understood by the mundane world. Having the opportunity to serve those vulnerable kids is a sort of pleasure. The fear of Lord makes us humble and careful when dealing with the expenditures of our work and we enjoy translating the correspondences between the donors and recipients.

All in all, the work which glorifies HIM makes ones content and rich in heart. All the activities can’t be separated from the donors, we have wished that one day later we could meet those helpful people face to face and thank them in the flesh!”