I am Lin, who comes from a remote rural village in Jiangxi Province. It took me hours to go to the school on foot because the small town is about twenty kilometers away from my village. I was from a single-parent family, my dad died early when I was a child.

In order to have us siblings educated, my mom rented a small single apartment in the town. There it’s convenient for us to go to the school. My mom took an odd job in a chopsticks plant. My elder sister and I would help my mom with the chopsticks work, but the income was too small to afford us to school. At the critical time, the director of Agape Asia came to us and took us to a care center. In that center we were cared well by the staff. I was especially helped by Anita in US. Though we were not seen each other, but she kept supporting me all the way. I was very grateful for her love which encouraged me tremendously as well.

I had a wonderful time there for six years during my school for my middle school, and at last I succeeded in entering medicine college in Nanchang City. Each year I would go visit the care center on my vacations because I had taken it as my home. Five years after my studying in the college, say, 2021, I was given an offer to a hospital in Zhejiang Province. I obtained the Certificate of Medical Practitioner a few days before, that’s to say I have become an official doctor, even so, I need to work hard to improve myself in my career.

That’s all for the story of my growing up, which is common and simple. But I have paid my painstaking effort for it wholeheartedly. The condition of one’s family might be miserable, but you can win a beautiful life through your diligent and hard work, come on, students!