Hello, everyone how are you? My Children are all good by the grace of God.

When I began to reach out and share gospel to people in Myanmar I saw a lot of children in the jungle areas.

Because of the civil war, they don’t have parents and some kids are so poor they don’t have enough to eat. They cannot attend school because they cannot pay tuition.

I brought them to our place in the jungle to be cared for. They are not Christian, so my purpose is to bring them to know more about Jesus Christ and salvation. All our children spiritual is growing right now by God’s grace.

Our country situation still not good. Sometime we are hiding in the underground because of war and jet fighter. But by grace of God we are safe. And then we have cyclones last week. Everything is broken here. Thanks God we are safe with my family and children. Thanks for prayer and support. May the Lord bless you all. Before we didn’t have any support. It was so difficult for me before as well as the fact that we are in the jungle. But now things have improved – health, education, and food. We are more fulfilled because of Agape Asia helping.